"Are you suffering from a little known disease called "My singer is off pitchitus?


You are not alone!

There are many other producers like you, who are working with a singer... who just can't seem to find that note!

This is where the music surgeon comes to the rescue!

We transform mediocre vocals and recordings in to radio ready works of art


The results are indisputable...the proof is endless...

...and if your a singer and have ever wondered why your recordings never have the polish of the ones you hear on the radio. keep reading...

We are industry professionals who know what it takes to make a top notch recording. Or Surgical skills have been used on many top tracks in the industry. Can you guess which ones? No you can't! that because we are the best at what we do.

We fly under the radar. We are proud of the fact that you will never hear our work without us telling you, because that is the way it should be. We take rough vocals and turn them into radio ready perfection.


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From Veit Renn, Multi-Platinum Producer And Engineer :

"Hey guys,

Thank you for the work on the my last project. I was a little skeptical to outsource the vocal tuning, but I outsource my master so I figured I would give it a shot. I hate the hours it takes to manually tune with autotune, when you can still hear the effect. Not only did the vocals need tuning, but I noticed the sax was a bit pitchy as well. I got you the audio files, and you had them back to me so fast and pitch perfect, I could not believe my ears, and I have used auto tune for years. I don't know how you do it, and I don't care. It was well worth the money and the artist never knew the difference. She thought it was her vocals all the way. She will never sing that good again in her whole life. Our little secret. Thanks"

Veit Renn has now joined our team of Vocal Surgeons and is now available upon request. He was so please with our work, that he asked if we could share our secrets. We did and he used his music genius to make them EVEN BETTER.


...Why haven't we heard about this before?

Until recently, we decided to offer our Musical Surgeon technique's to only a select few producers. Not anymore!


That right. Successful producers aren't exactly excited to give away their best production secrets. We waited several years before opening up our services to the general public. In fact, we had several producers that tried to pay us not to offer this outside the circle. We probably should have listened, but here we are.

Now we know what you are thinking, isn't this something I can do myself?

My singers are already on pitch. Why do I need tuning?

Some producers are capable of doing a decent job of pitch correction, but not to the level that we provide. Our work will have you thinking that we simply rerecorded you files with a better singer. Its that good.

And if you are working with a great singer, they still aren't pitch perfect. No one is. They may sound great on a single lead track, but how about the harmonies. It doesn't take much when you layer 12 vocals to start getting a muddy mix.

Musical Surgeons clear the mud to get the ultra clean mix you could only dream of before.

and not just with Vocals. We can tune guitars, sax, violins, and other instruments, with out any audible distortion. IT's MAGIC

Musical Surgeons can even change the key of your entire single track audio recording!


Think about it. No more recording guitars, because the demo was written in the wrong key for the singer! I know our studio musicians don't work for free. If yours do, please let us know, we have some work for you.

Even if we were all standing in the same room right now, we could still look you straight in the face and confidently repeat our claims for 3 specific reasons:

We've got the results to prove it.

We've developed years of expertise in the field of pitch correction

We know you will be happy with the quality of our work.


Don't waste you time with sup par performances any longer. Call us today: